11 July 2009

What is worth fighting for?

At the same time in the news -

1. A Union Minister calls a High Court judge applying influence
towards a certain outcome in a murder case.

2. An Andhra Pradesh MLA is found guilty of molesting women enrolled
in an institution he owns.

3. Four policemen in Shopian, Kashmir are under trial for the rape and
murder of two women. A commission finds the press guilty of
distorting facts, completely misrepresenting events, and inventing
twists to a tale that led to the worst street level violence in J&K.

4. The Indian Army is now taking the rap for having siphoned off a
large amount of money from critical schemes to buying golf carts.

5. Parents of a nine year old child are forced to spend Rs. 70,000 to
cure fever, thanks to a diabolic level of unnecessary treatments and
tests by the hospital.

What the fuck is going on?

I mean, seriously, bad language is hardly enough to express outrage at
these incidents that have come to define our fucking country. If we
can't trust the military, the police, and the politicians, the press
and are guaranteed to be raped by hospitals, who is left to trust?
The judiciary? Wouldn't they be toothless without the rest pulling
their weight to implement some semblance of civilised life?

Are we that bankrupt? Why are we sliding shamelessly to a horrendous
abyss of corruption, inefficiency, incompetence, and outrageous

It isn't two days since I asked why our MIGs are crashing in fairly
alarming numbers. I wouldn't put it beyond sub standard spares going
into ageing aircraft for being the reason, but beyond that, I'd put
all my money on sub standard human beings being given a chance to ruin
the well being of our Air Force. That's what I have always had a
problem with - sub standard human beings.

Sure they exist in every country in the world. But in India, you have
to bribe people to get something done that is totally legitimate!
That is where we completely lose all our claims to be a decent
country. Forget about the "great country" claims, please - that is a
bloody joke. How can we tolerate this total degradation of values,
without turning to dramatically irrational reactions?

From personal experience, I have been very close to wringing the necks
of a few unscrupulous elements, but stopped short since I wasn't
directly affected. In other words, if we stand up, we can get what we
want, starting with justice. This country is also full of cowards, so
don't worry about asking a loud question the next time you are in a
government office, trying to get something sorted out - "Okay, you
don't want any bribes, right?". See the look of shock on people's
faces, pull out your cell phone and continue, "I have no problem
calling the Vigilance Department if you even suggest that I will have
to bribe one of you idiots to get my job done". Helter skelter they
will run like the fucking rats they are. Motherfuckers.

The corrupt, inefficient, fuckfaces that work in the government
machinery must all be roasted over a slow fire and tortured till the
fat in their bodies oozes into the fire, every last drip of it. Short
of that, they can certainly use the most abrasive, offensive, foul
mouthed ill treatment at the hands of honest people. Nothing wrong
with that at all. So, dish it out.

It isn't really worth living in a country that encourages corruption
in all its institutions, so I completely endorse this as a cause for
breeding terrorism. It won't take long for some of our people to get
sensitive about things, to really start noticing that we are being
screwed. If justice has to come through killing, maybe some of us see
it as the only way justice can be procured.

Enough already about keeping faith in our institutions. If we let
this slide, there is no end to how low we will go. We are being
screwed and right now, we're taking it quietly.

I do not have faith in India. Faith is for fools and those who have
no access to knowledge. I'd rather stick with knowledge. Everything
in my knowledge suggests that Indians are not to be trusted. If you
cannot walk into a hospital without exposing yourself to being screwed
by fearmongering uncouth doctors who force you into needless expenses,
this country needs to be radically overturned.

There is going to be no "reform" either. We need action, and we need
it now. People must be shot dead not for their petty little crimes of
rape and murder and pillaging others who don't have a choice, but for
undermining our faith in the collective that is INDIA. If people
think this country must exist to serve every one of their greedy
objectives through whatever loopholes exist, then that myth must be
shattered at the earliest, and with extreme prejudice.

Get out of your apathy. Know that this country is not just mediocre,
it is low. Know that as long as you are here, you contribute to this,
by not doing anything. If you have half the intelligence of a goat,
you should know very well that it is your bloody responsibility to

The least we can do is stand up. The next time you are confronted
with a damning situation, stand up. Do the right thing. Ensure the
system is flexed and woken out of its slumber to function like it
should. Don't ever let any fuckhead tell you that your efforts to
lead a righteous life will be futile. Tell that bastard to look at
what is written, even on his money. If you didn't already know, it is
"Satyameva Jayate". Totally worth fighting for.

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