24 April 2009

Not a terrorist???!!!

DMK supremo Karunanidhi certainly went mad for a few minutes when he
said Prabhakaran is not a terrorist. If he is not a terrorist, what
is he? God? Who else has the impunity, the intent and the idiocy to
kill people for reasons far beyond reason? Who else terrorizes? What
do you call someone who doesn't just indulge in but lives by the force
of weapons, leads an organization known for unleashing death and
destruction upon soft, undefended targets?

Karunanidhi also said some people in his organization might be
terrorists but not Prabhakaran. Yeah, right? So, if I am a leader of
a gang of thieves, what would I be? A saint? This guy is a nut job.
He ensured he eliminated the leaders of other organizations like TELO
and the TULF, who were all fighting for a Tamil Eelam. He also
believed that in the event of an independent Tamil Eelam being
created, it would not be a democracy, but indeed a dictatorship.
Thank God Karunanidhi confessed having a difference of opinion with
this fool on this point.

There was some credibility to the LTTE even after the huge mistakes of
taking to terror and militancy in the first place. It all evaporated
when Rajiv Gandhi was killed in Sriperambudur. After all, whatever
Rajiv Gandhi did by sending the peacekeeping troops to Sri Lanka, he
did as the Prime Minister of India, not as an anti-LTTE or anti-Tamil

The fact remains that the LTTE is a banned organization in India, and
Prabhakaran is its chief. For Karunanidhi to endorse him in any way
is nothing short of contempt towards India, and needs to be questioned
from every angle possible. If the same yardstick were to be applied
to the terrorists in Kashmir, then the LeT and other such
organizations would also claim they are fighting for the liberation of
Kashmir! Does Karunanidhi even know what he just stepped into? Or
does he have to eat it to find out?

As far as I am concerned, the LTTE committed an act of terror on
Indian soil. I loved Rajiv Gandhi, but I'd have the same amount of
anger towards the LTTE if they had killed an Indian beggar. How dare
anyone aggress upon my country and how dare one of our politicians
even contrive to suggest that the chief of the LTTE is not a

The LTTE has always worn shoes too big for its own good. To grow a
terrorist organization into a well organized, sophisticated fighting
force is one thing, but to try to give it credibility akin to a
nation's armed forces is something else all together.

By building its own air force and fleet of boats manned by the Sea
Tigers, it should be abundantly clear that the LTTE sought offensive
capabilities that far outstripped the needs of defending Tamil
territory. Two piston engined aircraft hardly make for an air force,
but the fact is that those planes actually flew missions and caused

Sri Lankan Tamil people were very often coerced into sending its young
men to join the LTTE, and those living abroad with families in Jaffna
and other LTTE controlled areas were forced to contribute monetarily.
In the last week, there have been reports that the LTTE is using its
people as human shields and shooting anyone trying to flee their last
stronghold. Sounds like a dictatorship to me, all right.

Now, the big question - if Prabhakaran is the leader of an outfit that
has terrorist elements in it, and somehow by illogical exclusion, if
we cannot call Prabhakaran a terrorist because of that, then why can't
he disown them? He is no Gandhi. He is no leader, the one that
demands respect at gunpoint. He is no human, the one that kills
others for whatever cause. Prabhakaran is a bloody thug in a self
adorned uniform, and has become too fat for his own good.

Karunanidhi and other Tamil politicians might have their own theories
with or without agendas about Prabhakaran, but the fact remains that
the same people, in hundreds of thousands, that these politicians
claim are being targeted by the Sri Lankan army, have indeed been kept
captive and in poverty by the LTTE. If he was such a great leader,
why didn't he create opportunity, prosperity and happiness for his own
people. Simple - he doesn't care!

Now, as an Indian, I'll say this to Karunanidhi and any of the other
clowns who pretend to be representing people of Tamilnadu - I don't
care about the LTTE. I wish they were obliterated off the face of
this earth, and I wish they are all hung to death. I presume
Prabhakaran won't be caught alive, and he should be ashamed of himself
if he allowed himself to be caught alive after he advocated the
cyannide necklaces for his band of terrorists. But I wish he is
caught alive and brought to justice.

There is something very unnatural but immensely satisfying about
bringing a terrorist to justice in a court. Kasab is going through
the process in India now, and a lot of people would lynch him if they
get their hands on him. But that's not what we signed on for. We
signed on for a democracy, a civil behaviour that may seem strange to
people like Kasab and Prabhakaran. It is very disappointing to have a
dumb statement like the one that came out of a seasoned politician
like Karunanidhi. It just shows that neither terrorists nor
politicians can escape their own illusions.

We should learn to do without both.

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