26 April 2009

Voter, voter on the roll, who's the stupidest of them all?

Fasten your seatbelts folks! Stupidorama is upon us!

Narendra Modi today launched a scathing attack on Manmohan Singh.
Narendra Modi thinks Manmohan SIngh is a weak prime minister. His
reason - nobody felt his absence when he went abroad for two months on
medical leave!!! Therefore, he is a weak prime minister.

Two days ago, Imran Khan was busy at the Pakistan Australia match in
Dubai claiming Pakistan has been involved in a war that is not
Pakistan's, and as long as America was in the Afghan neighbourhood,
there was bound to be strife! Wow!

Now, PMK Founder Ramadoss has gone on record saying Prabhakaran of the
LTTE is not a terrorist and is the leader of a liberation movement.
So was Gandhi, but he didn't terrorize anyone, did he? He didn't
kill, he didn't maim, pillage, threaten, assassinate or as much as
condone violence of any sort. Is Prabhakaran to be equated with the

What is this? A conspiracy to unleash stupidity upon us in the hope
that sheer volume can make us rethink our intelligent assessments? On
the contrary, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to laugh
ourselves to death!

If nobody felt Mr. Singh's absence for two months, I'd think he and
his team have got all ends covered so that no panic hits the country
in that period. If Manmohan Singh's absence from India immediately
throws the country out of gear, what comment would have been more
likely from the BJP? "We have a really strong prime minister! Look
at what happens as soon as he steps out!", or "The Congress is a weak
government. Look how quickly they panicked the moment the PM steps
out for a little medical break!"?

This is too easy, you idiot Modi! For all the greatness you are
supposed to be endowed with, you certainly let us down with this
lowpoint. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes on what you can do, not
what others can't do.

Imran Khan, the pretentious idiot from Pakistan, who once claimed ALL
fast bowlers tampered with the ball, is now claiming Pakistan has
nothing to do with the war it is in the middle of. Well, need we
remind this clown that it was one Musharraf who led a certain
misadventure against India in Kargil, that the ISI is the support and
training backbone of several terrorist organizations, and that
Pakistan is the safe haven for Al Qaeda supremo Bin Laden? Haven't
they been conferred the title of "Epicentre of terrorism"?

Imran, you dope! What do you think we are? Madarasa dropouts from
Swat that can't think beyond humping our sheep? Shove your rhetoric
up your fancied arse and think about what Pakistan is. It is a bloody
fourth world country sliding into anarchy, guilty of every crime in
the world including terrorism, illegal arms trade, illegal nuclear
proliferation, and an absolute blemish on humanity. If it wasn't for
your country and its stupidity, there wouldn't be a place for fools
like the Taliban to hide, and find safe haven in. If it wasn't for
fools like you, Pakistanis wouldn't have to live in delusion. As far
as I remember, you didn't win a single election you stood in, so I
suppose your people know you better than you know them.

Ramadoss, you idiot, I am even surprised you know about Nelson Mandela
and Yassar Arafat. But I am not surprised that you would equate
Prabhakaran, the Tamil thug, with either of them. Nelson Mandela
suffered years of imprisonment and is a Nobel Prizer winner. The PLO
is a legitimate liberation movement that has never expressed itself
militarily outside its own domain in the Palestine Israel theater.
The LTTE has, and on our own soil. The bastards killed more than one
Indian citizen in an act that had nothing to do with the liberation of
Tamil people. So, no matter what your delusions are, they are not
just terrorists, they are nothing but terrorists.

The fact that Modi and Ramadoss have both gone on record with
incredibly stupid statements simply shows how low the standards are
for being in the Indian political fray. Now, Imran joins the band of
buffoons. Not to be outdone, Shah Rukh Khan claims he is the biggest
selling point of IPL! I thought his stupidity was done with after he
humped Shoaib Akhtar during one of the KKR presentation ceremonies
last year. I hear Shoaib Akhtar is still not fully fit. Okay, that
was mean, but look at the standards set by the eminent people above!

Hah! Just days after I mocked Advani's claim of "bringing back"
India's money from the Swiss Bank, here is Swiss Bank saying our
"politicians' claims not based on facts"! The "official" Swiss snub
to Advani categorically says they will not support any kind of
"fishing expedition"!

No matter how stupid and ridiculous some of these voices are, we have
a media that sells itself by putting these fools on the air. We are
just unfit for any sort of greatness. It is that simple. Why do we
even bother being concerned?! We are a lousy country with lousy
minds, and we now have the economic power to stay stupid.

Just a moment ago, on News X, Prithvi Reddy, the co-founder of
SmartVote, an organization to encourage people to vote, accepted after
they managed to get results of 40 odd percent voting, that the apathy
is so deep, that it is not going to change with a few campaigns! Nice
going, buddy. I would have told you that without any of the pains you
went through.

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